Global Meditation is a unity of awakened people all around the World.
It is our duty to support our hopes and dreams to create a new peaceful
world for us, our kids and all other further generations.

The idea of Global Meditation is to help & improve peoples daily life
through Meditation. Meditation is an ancient Yoga practice to find
your true nature within yourself. It raises your awareness, expands
your consciousness & imparts you creating a calm state of mind so
one is not attached to the past and future which leads to joy, bliss and peace.

Meditation is for everyone who wants to get a healthier Body Mind & Soul.

This regular mindfulness practice is a treatment for better human
interactions and helps you to be at peace in every part of your life.
If you find peace within yourself, everyone of your own circle will
be receiving Love & Peace aswell. Thats why we are meditating
togehter to unify our vision of earth peace to expand everything in
an higher state of Love


The main priority of Global Meditation is to realize peaceful
projects all around the world.
Our main focus is to inform, animate
and support anyone who is interessted in meditation & yoga to organize
meditation and yoga projects.
Going into Kindergarden, Schools, Hospitals,
Retirement Homes and many more to spread the idea of meditation & yoga.

Be a part

We are very open for ideas and every coorporation who is interessted in
working with us.
Everyone can be a part of it.

Work with us Help us to grow

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