How to meditate: 2. The Breath

meditation breath


As a baby or a little child we are naturally taking slow deep breaths in our lower belly what is called stomach breathing. While inhaling the prana is flowing from our nose over the lungs in our belly and provides the whole body with energy.

As we grow older the breathing is changing to short breaths only till our chest what is called chest breathing. Stress and a busy daily routine are making us unaware of our breathing. Meditation will make you more aware of your breathing again. This leads to a more healthy body and higher state of awareness.

Just breathe

The most important thing while breathing is to inhale and exhale totally naturally. If you are sitting in your correct position with a straight spine just slowly inhale with your nose deep down in your stomache – hold it shortly – and exhale slowly. You can do this conscious breathing 21 times. After this your mind is calm and you will feel more and more relaxed. After the conscious breathing you can switch to only be aware of the sensation of fresh air & energy is floting in your nose and out.

Breathing Mantra

While meditation you can choose the mantra which fits to you most. Therefore you can use the very simple following mantra. While you gently inhale say the word “Love” in your mind and feel love in your heart & your whole body and send it all over the world. While you gently exhale say the word “Peace” in your mind and feel it also in your heart your whole body. Let peace expand over the whole planet.


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