How to meditate: 3. Thoughts

The way of thinking

As human beings it is our nature that we are thinking. Nowadays our surroundings are going to lead us even to a kind of overthinking. In times of the internet, mobile phones and totally accessibility it is very hard to find a break for oneself. Therefore Meditation is a tool to become more aware of your thoughts and the way of how you are thinking. It is more easier to slow down your thoughts when you become aware of the way how your thoughts are coming to your mind.

Just observemeditation_thoughts

As you are sit quietly in meditation calm your mind with deep breaths and just observe. Observing means to focus on your breath and just noticing your upcoming thoughts. It is totally okay when thoughts are coming up. You have the choice to hold on to them or to let them flow and pass their ways. Just imagine you are sitting at a peaceful river and just watching little branches floating in the water from one direction to another. The little branches are your thoughts. Just accept them and let them go on. If you do this for a while you will notice that you will be shifted more and more to a depper state of peaceful silence.

Be kind

Be kind to your thoughts and especially to yourself. You should know that you are not your thoughts and your thoughts are not you. If you are changing your attitude to a more positive way you will notice how your thoughts become more and more positive too. Just try it for yourself. ????


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