How to meditate: 5. Let go & just be

Let go & just be

We have discussed in the previous lessons how to meditate in the right meditation posture, watching the breath, calming your mind and focusing just at one point. All these things are very important in meditation but at least the most important lesson in meditation ist to let go everything & just be.

Let go 

When you are in meditation try to let everything go – each  thought, emotion or feeling – it does not matter if it is a negative or a positive one. You can force this if you are calming your mind by just saying “silence” when a thought, emotion or feeling comes up. If you are doing this for some minutes you will recognize that you will be shifted more and more deep inside your center. In this state you will realize more and more the state of nothingness or even better the state of oneness. In this state YOU or your Ego won’t conceive where you are in this moment. This is your true nature of your soul. Just imagine the different layers of a lotus. If you are opening each layer one by one in the end there is just your true essence of your soul left.

Just be

If you are realizing more and more the state of peace just rest in it and receive unconditional love in your heart. As Eckhart Tolle already expressed it in words so wonderful: Let go of thought, become still and alert, and don’t try to understand or Explain.
– Just be.


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